Mar 21, 2015


Mass UFO Sighting in Utah, February 23, 2015 - NOT a Chinese Rocket!:

Mar 5, 2015

Feb.27.2015 Friday morning

IAm Sitting outside not recording cause it's time for NEW CAMERA W/ NIGHT VISION.
☺not just that it had charging all day and came outside earlier to record the orbs iam clearly seeing above tree line , power lines , in street lamps, I the trees there all around us. Energy!! Manipulate's objects 🚀 hearing weird sounds right now ✈ haven't seen any craft's of any kind tonight 🚁 although it's cloudy tonight and Fukken cold. That usually don't matter . All the orbs are flickering rapidly sum are getting very brighter than normal . I cleansed my house w sage the other day and next night I cleansed outside my house and backyard too were it's very hot . I feel them watching me . I don't like it sometimes but hey I do it to them too.
Oh wow a light on side of center that I guess suppose to be motion active well it's never worked but it just flashed on so bright .oh now it turned off . Wow  that's amazing this energy trying to get my Attenttion well it did . 😱 I came inside cause it sounded as if someone was walking up my sidewalk but I don't see anything then in the distance I hear what sounded like skretching sound from a woman or young lady that creeped me out a lil. That was unexpected. Maybe there not happy w me for the cleAnsing . Idk
I'll post videos later
Ya have A blessed day!

Triangle UFO over Mission, Texas, 2014

twinkle lil star how i wonder....

UFO Sighting in Perm, Russia - FindingUFO

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starcrazzy1 - Google+ starcrazzy1 - Google+ twinkle lil star how i wonder....

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