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It's been a wild past 3 months i haven't downloaded any videos that i've recorded since the beginning of this year 2012. Just until recently. There was a lil bit of me being scared cause i had a couple of emails from 2 different people who don't know each other but we shared the same videos ANYWAY they were asking me to STOP recording because they were being attack.
I ASK ONE QUESTION "R U RELIGIOUS?" no answer from either. Leads me to believe there not cause I haven't YET been attacked but i have had my house blessed by my old preacher and again when i noticed these strange things in sky at the end of 2011.SO I AM PROTECTED ! I DON'T DOUBT THE LORD'S PROTECTION ! Hopefully i won't be a target. Ya please keep yr heart with the lord , u will be safe. Be careful if you are recording these things and don't believe in God.
GOD BLESS YOU ALL he wants me to share what i'am seeing so other's are aware of what's to come.
I Challenge anyone that has a camera go out at night start recording do it for week and go back and look at these videos and see what u come up with.

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Mar 21, 2015


Mass UFO Sighting in Utah, February 23, 2015 - NOT a Chinese Rocket!: https://youtu.be/MscuhiSEMUc

Mar 5, 2015

Feb.27.2015 Friday morning

IAm Sitting outside not recording cause it's time for NEW CAMERA W/ NIGHT VISION.
☺not just that it had charging all day and came outside earlier to record the orbs iam clearly seeing above tree line , power lines , in street lamps, I the trees there all around us. Energy!! Manipulate's objects 🚀 hearing weird sounds right now ✈ haven't seen any craft's of any kind tonight 🚁 although it's cloudy tonight and Fukken cold. That usually don't matter . All the orbs are flickering rapidly sum are getting very brighter than normal . I cleansed my house w sage the other day and next night I cleansed outside my house and backyard too were it's very hot . I feel them watching me . I don't like it sometimes but hey I do it to them too.
Oh wow a light on side of center that I guess suppose to be motion active well it's never worked but it just flashed on so bright .oh now it turned off . Wow  that's amazing this energy trying to get my Attenttion well it did . 😱 I came inside cause it sounded as if someone was walking up my sidewalk but I don't see anything then in the distance I hear what sounded like skretching sound from a woman or young lady that creeped me out a lil. That was unexpected. Maybe there not happy w me for the cleAnsing . Idk
I'll post videos later
Ya have A blessed day!

Triangle UFO over Mission, Texas, 2014

twinkle lil star how i wonder....

UFO Sighting in Perm, Russia - FindingUFO

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