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The Orbs all flying around the TREE again tonight. Nov. 10 . 2015 @ 10:20 pm

Its 10:20 pm on Nov. 10.2015
Iam sitting on my porch as always i hardly ever leave it sometimes just down the sidewalk to my street but it's where Iam standing doing all recordings . Mostly all of them.
I can't find my camera I believe someone stole it off my tripod last night And my other camera needs rechargeable batteries but can't find the case where iam suppose to put in to charge them by plugging the case in wall socket.
Anyway ...
I wanted to make a note that iam not able to record tonight . I still can see and type .
Crazy that iam able to see w my eyes alone the orbs flying around. What looks like a tree. Its by the church like i recorded the other night.
I'll be back .
Starcrazzy1 out @ 10:30 pm