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It's been a wild past 3 months i haven't downloaded any videos that i've recorded since the beginning of this year 2012. Just until recently. There was a lil bit of me being scared cause i had a couple of emails from 2 different people who don't know each other but we shared the same videos ANYWAY they were asking me to STOP recording because they were being attack.
I ASK ONE QUESTION "R U RELIGIOUS?" no answer from either. Leads me to believe there not cause I haven't YET been attacked but i have had my house blessed by my old preacher and again when i noticed these strange things in sky at the end of 2011.SO I AM PROTECTED ! I DON'T DOUBT THE LORD'S PROTECTION ! Hopefully i won't be a target. Ya please keep yr heart with the lord , u will be safe. Be careful if you are recording these things and don't believe in God.
GOD BLESS YOU ALL he wants me to share what i'am seeing so other's are aware of what's to come.
I Challenge anyone that has a camera go out at night start recording do it for week and go back and look at these videos and see what u come up with.

BY DIANA ufos and What Looks Like Alien,Greys

Aug 22, 2016

Family Survival Evening Post,

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Please enjoy this edition of the Family Survival Evening Post, a completely free comprehensive survival and preparedness publication sent to give you the knowledge and skills you'll need to be always safe and secure no matter what happens.

Starting late 2014, the media was fraught with stories and disturbing images of bombings related to ISIS. ISIS and the devastation they can potentially cause became one of the top things to fear last year, right up there with Ebola.

Sadly, Islamic insurgents and homegrown radicals are a very real and growing threat in the U.S.  In this world of ours where certain terrorists and small states are able to pull off a 1-10 kiloton nuclear attack if they want to, any sane survivalist will come up with a plan beforehand to survive a bombing.

The best strategy for surviving a bomb is to be somewhere else when it goes off. Sometimes this is easier said than done. So what do you to to prepare?

The first order of business is greater security measures for your home or establishment. Terrorist attacks are more likely at special events and important buildings, but even the less important ones shouldn’t be ignored.

The bombing at the Iraqi Parliament in 2007 happened on the day their weapon detection systems were down. Each building and event of significance should have a non-stop working weapon detection system, such as a Secure 1000, which is an electronic imaging system used to detect weapons, drugs and other contraband by hitting the subject with mild x-rays.

In addition, as a business owner you should limit access to your building or event. Keep security in one spot, and don’t allow anyone in any other way. Always have at least two people checking in on security at alternating intervals.

Avoid inside jobs by doing background checks on all your employees. It is worth the cost.

Once a bomb is detonated, the damage is done, unfortunately. If you’re at an event and a bomb does explode, first thing to remember is to remain calm. You won’t help anyone by panicking.

Take cover under a desk or table, or something else sturdy that will protect you. You don’t know how many explosives are rigged, there could be additional explosions once the first bomb has gone off.

Stay away from anything that could fall on you like windows and overhead fixtures.

Get ready for possible further evacuation, but DON’T EVACUATE IMMEDIATELY.  Sometimes terrorists will line evacuation paths with bombs to get people trying to flee. Stay put and wait for instructions from emergency personnel. UNLESS, of course, there is a dangerous fire or something that clearly requires you to evacuate immediately. In this case, make your exit calmly and in an orderly fashion, avoiding falling objects and opening doors carefully.

Don’t move injured people, unless their injury clearly requires you to. If the injured person requires CPR, administer it quietly. Also bear in mind there could still be people in the building or at the event following an explosion who mean you harm. Tread with caution.

There could be flammable gas leaking following a detonation. Avoid using matches and lighters

If possible, have a map, or at least an understanding of the building and/or event you are attending. This will help you navigate to safety following an explosion.

Terrorism is a very real threat in the United States and other countries. Thus, a prudent individual would be wise to make preparations.

Always Safe, Always Prepared

Frank Mitchell

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